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Generator Rental

Portable RV Generator Rental

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Note: All customers are responsible for the generator once rented. If lost or stolen YOU OWN IT.

All deposits must be paid with CREDIT CARD ONLY!! Generator will come full of gas and must be returned with a full tank. Unleaded Gasoline ONLY!! Oil (10W-40)

Yamaha Generator EF2000iS - 44.1 lbs

Introducing the ingenious new EF2000iS. Powerful portable and retro-cool, delivers maximum output with minimum effort. Features an extra-large handle for easy transport to your campsite, work site, fishing spot, and almost anywhere. Fitted with Yamaha's most technologically muffler, it's whisper quiet. This unit is capable of running everything up to 2000 Watts of power. Rated AC output 1600 watts. 120V, 60Hz, 16.7/13.3amps@120V, 12 Volt 8 amps, Pull Start, 51.5-61 dBA, 1.1 gal fuel tank, 10.5 hr @ 1/4 load, Engine Oil (10W-40) 0.63 US qt

Yamaha Generator EF2400iS - 75 lbs

Yamaha Inverter technology puts out 2400 watts of clean, pure power. This portable generator is super quiet (53-60dBA). Small but mighty, there's enough juice to crank up a high efficiency 13,500 btu RV air conditioner in temperatures up to 110 degree's. Pull Start model. 120V, 60Hz, Max output: 2400 Watts, Rated AC output: 2000 Watts, 20/16.7 amps@120V, 12 volt 8 amps, fuel tank cap. 1.6 gal, 8.6 hr @ 1/4 load, Unleaded Gasoline, Engine Oil (10W-40) 0.63 US qt

2014 Keystone COUGAR 313RLI

Our Price: $42,995

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